Join the Front

Support Anti-slavery Organizations

These organizations are working to end slavery all over the world. Use this resource to learn about the different organizations and find volunteer and support opportunities.

Hope 61

Hope 61 aims to raise awareness and educate men, women and children about the injustice involved in the trafficking of humans. They are working to build a long-term following in order to send teams to other countries.

Contact:   317-888-3333 ext. 363

Hunt Alternatives Fund

The Hunt Alternatives Fund has contributed nearly 90 million dollars to different organizations dedicated to social change. The Hunt Alternatives Fund is focused on providing money that focuses on art for kids, demanding abolition, increasing philanthropy, inclusive security, political parity, and cultivating social capital. 


Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking

The Initiative against Sexual Trafficking is a branch of the Salvation Army. IAST realizes the recent influx of interest in human trafficking and how important the quest to stop such atrocities are in today’s world. IAST’s website offers links to organizations that are fighting trafficking and serves as a way to connect persons interested in fighting trafficking to organizations that are serving in their area.

Love 146

Love146 is an organization that works to promote awareness on sex trafficking. Like many others, the goal of the organizations is not simply just to inform people on the topic of sex trafficking. The organization offers many innovate ways for people to get involved in the cause and put their passion into action.

Contact:   Liz Magill   |

Maiti Nepal

Maiti Nepal works to bring women and children out of slavery by offering them economic alternatives and shelter until they can stand on their own. 

Contact:   |   9-771-449-2904