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Support Anti-slavery Organizations

These organizations are working to end slavery all over the world. Use this resource to learn about the different organizations and find volunteer and support opportunities.


In 2003, Fairfund was founded in order to prevent the exploitation of girls worldwide through education and empowerment. FAIR stands for free, aware, inspired, and restored. These four adjectives show exactly what Fairfund is hoping to give to girls throughout the world. Fairfund offers exploited women and girls counseling, emergency shelters in private locations, clothes and toiletries, legal support, and medical support. Through these items and other specialty programs Fairfund offers, exploited girls throughout the United States and the world are being saved on a daily basis. 


Free the Slaves

Free the Slaves is an organization focused on bringing freedom to those affected by human trafficking.  They do this by recording and sharing the stories of slaves and freed slaves, working with businesses to eradicate slavery, and working with government officials to change laws.

Contact:   Twaney Bevacqua   |   |   202.775.7480

Friends International

Friends-International works to improve the lives of marginalized children in third-world countries, working to help these children and their families avoid the horrid realities of child labor and commercial sexual exploitation of children. Friends-International works to build positive futures for these children and their families. Friends-International focuses on five key areas of mission; protecting, reintegrating, preventing, improving, and influencing. 


GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services)

GEMS is an organization that seeks to empathize and empower with girls and women how have experienced forms of exploitation or the effects of trafficking. The organization also seeks move women into action by supporting their cause to end commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking of women and children.

Contact:   |   1-212-926-8089

Hagar International

Hagar International works with women and children that have been victims of exploitation and abuse in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Afghanistan. Hagar is a global Christian organization, registered in Switzerland, that works to help these victims of abuse and exploitation restore their lives to the fullest. Hagar offers services in education, health care, job training, legal support, family services, training and employment. Hagar’s approach to restoring the lives of these victims includes personal transformation, economic empowerment, and community reintegration. Hagar also offers business opportunities to help women that have traumatic pasts get back on their feet and learn life skills that will aide ithem in their new lives.

Contact:   Ms. Jane Tafel   |   |   1-715-514-2294