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Support Anti-slavery Organizations

These organizations are working to end slavery all over the world. Use this resource to learn about the different organizations and find volunteer and support opportunities.

Association of Albanian Girls and Women

The Association of Albanian Girls and Women exists to help those who have been victims of human trafficking, particularly young girls and women.

California Against Slavery

California Against Slavery is a non-profit organization that seeks to inform people of the severity of human trafficking. CSA is dedicated to impacting people to get state laws passed that would protect the victims of human trafficking. CSA’s most recent goal is to get thesespecific laws on the 2012 California ballot. This organization also raise awareness by hosting events for the public.

Contact:   |   (510) 473-7283

Call + Response

Call and Response seeks to show their film everywhere to raise awareness and encourage political elites to take action against modern day slavery.

Captive Daughters

Captive Daughters seeks to make the public more aware of sex trafficking.  It encourages this through social networking, sharing information on websites, working with similar organizations, and working with television and film to help with the cause as well.   Captive Daughters encourages people talk to their local, state, and national representatives to ask them what they’re doing about sex trafficking and pressure them to do more.