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Can’t Let Them Walk Away

The ugliness of sexual brokenness and exploitation is something we see quite often in this kind of ministry. Our hearts break repeatedly as we build relationship with the people caught in this tormented life. And even though we do not see the rawness of exploitation every day, we see its effects.  We see the vulnerability […]

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Movies and Books about Human Trafficking

Watching movies and reading books about the horrors of human trafficking is what brought me to a place of complete disgust, which then led me to seek out and get involved with anti-human trafficking organizations. Here are a list of four movies and four books if you are interested in finding out more about human […]

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Finding Identity Apart from the Sex Industry

Many women who have been convicted and thrown in jail because of prostitution. A lot of adult prostitutes were forced into the sex industry as children, beginning at a very young age and knowing no other way of life. For too many women, some of their first memories are being abused and sold into the […]

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