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Threedom Front is thrilled to present the first Restoring Human Dignity Conference! Coming to Asbury on April 10-11. Go to  to sign up!

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Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking

The Super Bowl, a day known for football, also has a sad, dark side. During the Super Bowl, a larger amount of sex trafficking is done. From January 15 to February 1, Cook County Sherriff’s Department set out on a nationwide sting (including 37 law enforcements within 37 states)to arrest johns, the men who hire […]

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Campaign Against Sex Trafficking Launches on Tinder

Tinder, an app usually used by men to find dates, has had an unusual string of pictures popping up lately. Instead of seeing a profile picture of the average female, viewers have been encountering pictures of women who are beaten and bruised. This is a part of a campaign by EightyTwenty to show the realities […]

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