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University students across the country are banding together to fight human trafficking and slavery. Starting a chapter of Threedom on your campus is imperative! We want to empower students like you with tangible ways that you can help to combat slavery other than simply raising awareness or money. We believe the key to instituting real change is through the collaboration of students across the country.

Your campus may already have an organization that is dedicated to the issue of human trafficking.  Without having to change your name or activities, your organization has the opportunity to become a Threedom member! We want to connect preexisting anti-trafficking clubs, along with new chapters, so that we can all work together.

Threedom provides you with a network of like-minded students and a proven concept to help you get your chapter up and running quickly. We provide a blueprint for action and a battle plan for the fight.  Individually, we might be a small pebble in an ocean of problems.  Together we can create some serious waves.

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  1. Download our PDF guide for creating a Threedom Chapter.
  2. Complete the Threedom Chapter Application web form.