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Volunteer on the Front Lines

Now for the real challenge. Put your faith in action and invest yourself in the fight. Join one of our partners in their work around the globe as a volunteer. It is certainly not for the weak or lazy.

Only those who are truly committed need apply.

About this map

What map?

If after waiting a short period you do not see a map at the top of this page you may be using a browser that does not support Flash. To use the map you must use a Flash enabled browser.

What can I do with this map?

Get Informed about life and slavery in a country you choose.
Join the Front by supporting or volunteering with an organization at work in a country you choose.

Select a country by clicking on it, or choose a country by name from the drop down menu. Use the Slavery Types drop down menu to show information about a specific type of slavery.

What do the colors of the countries mean?

Green countries have no contribution to modern slavery.
Orange countries have a moderate contribution to modern slavery.
Darker Orange countries have a higher contribution to modern slavery.
Red countries have the highest contribution to modern slavery.

Dark Gray countries don’t have enough data to know their contribution.

How are the colors of the countries determined?

Since slavery is an illegal activity, many statistics are not available or can only be estimated. In an effort to show useful and real information, this map uses data published in the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons (T.I.P.) Report.

From this report we have gathered the types of human trafficking activities occurring in each country. These activities include people being trafficked out of the country for slavery, people being trafficked into the country for slavery, and people trafficked within a country for slavery. A country with no types receives a green color on our map. The more types that occur in a country earn it a color closer to red, with red representing countries with the most types of human trafficking activities.

It is important to not confuse number of activities with number of people being trafficked. This map does not indicate the number of people being trafficked, only the number of activity types occurring in a country.